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Security Breach Causes City of Portland to Lose 1.4 M

A Chief Strategy and Innovation Officer for Dell Technologies stated that “there is a huge amount of cybercrime” nationally and that “the cybercriminals are targeting” smaller state and local governments (SLGs), as the SLGs often have outdated operating systems accompanied by vulnerabilities. Two weeks ago the City of Portland, Oregon lost $1.4 million to “fraudulent activity.” The cybercriminals gained unauthorized access to a government email account and used this account to conduct fraudulent transactions. Now ask yourself-how many email accounts do you have, or better yet-how many OLD EMAIL accounts do you have, which are still active, but you hardly look at if ever? This is one of the many digital online attributes XposURe LLC will address for a client, which in turn reduces the client’s digital footprint, making that client far less vulnerable to cybercriminals and acts of fraud. Contact XposURe LLC ( and begin to greatly reduce your risk of becoming a victim of cybercrime.

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