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Doylestown Internet Privacy Class Follow up!

Good Morning! Thank you for taking the class, we had a great time sharing information! As promised here are a bunch of free guides that we talked about in class!

Signal is the ultimate way to text and share sensitive information. Both parties need to have Signal in order to communicate. The full guide is below:

XposURe Signal Privacy Guide (2)
Download PPT • 4.63MB

Freezing your credit or placing a fraud alert on the main three credit companies will stop 95% of all unwanted financial thefts:

XposURe Credit Freeze Guide - final (4)
Download PDF • 616KB

A free Privacy email guide:

XposURe Proton Mail (1)
Download PDF • 824KB

Top 10 People finder sites, this will clean you up from most of the 195 sites which display your personal information for free!

Top 10 Opt out - People Finders (1)
Download PPTX • 1.06MB

Here are the slides we discussed in class, Privacy browsers, and search engines:

Doylestown Slides to share
Download PPT • 6.09MB

If there is anything we are missing or anything else you are interested in please feel free to reach out!

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