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About XposURe LLC.

Education Prevention and Management of Personal Information in the Digital Age 

XposURe LLC is a unique consulting company comprised of professionals within the law enforcement, intelligence, and security communities. Our team has extensive experience in conducting criminal investigations, criminal intelligence analysis, anti/counter-terrorism intelligence analysis, threat analysis, as well as experience in legal procedures and criminal litigation in both the classified and open source environments. 


While operating within these areas, the founders of XposURe LLC quickly realized how easy a user’s personal data can be captured and  sold for enormous profit without conscious consent. Tech companies and commercial enterprises alike employ massive amounts of resources to capture sensitive information, often under the veil of creating a more “user –friendly” virtual environment, to change an individual's behavior ever so slightly, so as not to arouse the user’s suspicion.  Additionally, the Founders of XposURe LLC recognize that the volume of personal information collected and stored by third party actors drastically increases the potential for sensitive personal data exposure. This creates a dangerous environment for the unsuspecting online population. XposURe LLC seeks to better equip the online population, from the most casual of users to those who are constantly engaged online.


Our background, training, and experience allows XposURe LLC to direct our specific areas of expertise to educate, protect, and manage a client's sensitive and personal information while routinely navigating today’s ever-changing digital world. ​ By and large, XposURe LLC is dedicated to providing the most up to date approach to protect client’s sensitive information, and to the minimization of their digital exposure within this constantly evolving technical landscape.  This, combined with our passion to help safeguard the innocent online population, is what drives XposURe LLC to provide innovative, manageable, and easily digested methods to help you protect your personal information.    ​ 

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