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The XposURe Team

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Matthew York


Matthew with 11 years in the financial industry and another 11 with online and internet investigations as well as education within the Law Enforcement realm brings a unique and diverse set of skills to the Team.  This set of skills brings a wide range of highly technical and client focused ideas to the XposURe LLC Team.


Thomas Rosinski


Tom brings a career based in service as a Military Veteran serving in the Global War on Terror and now a law enforcement professional specializing in online investigations. This experience brings a unique perspective based in privacy and protection; this is demonstrated, in XposURe LLC’s tenets.

Alfred Hindley

Expert Team member

Al with over 25 years, specializing in intelligence and investigations, Al has amassed a distinct proficiency from career collaboration in law enforcement at the local, state and federal level. This experience supports XposURe LLC’s executive team in delivering the highest level of service to our patrons.

Jon Berryman

Expert Team Member

Jon has spent 14 years in law enforcement and has experience in investigations, research and analysis. Jon joins as a research team member and plans to focus on marketing XposURe LLC.

John Grasso

Expert Team Member

Designated as a subject matter expert in intelligence analysis with a professional background in intelligence analysis and program management with expertise in crime analysis; anti/counter-terrorism intelligence analysis; and threat analysis on the local, state and federal level. coupled with a Juris Doctor and experience in legal procedures and trial matters.


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