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23andMe Data Breach Exposes Personal Data Of 6.9M Customers

What Happened? This week, 23andMe confirmed a security breach that exposed the personal data of nearly half of the company's customers. Reportedly, the compromised information included ancestry reports, some DNA related data, birthdates, self-reported location and profile pictures. 23andMe is in the process of notifying all affected customers

.Steps To Protect Your Information:

Be on alert for unsolicited emails or text messages that may attempt to impersonate 23andMe or an associated service. Avoid opening email attachments or clicking links from unknown senders – especially those that claim to be from 23andMe.

Monitor the use of your personal information online with a digital security service.

What Should I Do Next? ...Your identity and information may be at risk – at no fault of your own.

To protect yourself against emerging risks that can result in the aftermath of data breaches, consider opting for ID Protection and reach out to us at XposURe LLC for all your data protection needs!

More information can be found here:

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