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Fantasy Football is Here!!!...and so are the dangers of free Wi-Fi

It’s that time of year again…who are you taking in the first round?...will stay healthy?...who will step up? I keep the same strategy as last year? addition to these burning issues-a growing trend has been for fantasy football leagues to conduct the draft in bars/restaurants and other venues which offer free Wi-Fi…while the food and beer are always a good addition to Fantasy Football Drafts, free Wi-Fi presents serious privacy issues and let’s be honest-who is worried about their data while trying to make sure to draft a decent wide-out this year??....XposURe LLC first rule of free Wi-Fi is DON”T USE IT…but if you do:

  • Do not access your bank account

  • Do not access your email

  • Do not shop online,

  • Do not use social media

  • “Avoid visiting websites that save and store your personal passwords or credit card numbers.”

  • Turn off AirDrop and File Sharing

  • Use a VPN (as some offer encryption)

  • You can consider using mobile data as it is typically encrypted

  • Don’t stay permanently signed into accounts

  • Install browser add-ons or plug-ins that can help, such as Force-TLS and HTTPS-Everywhere are free Firefox add-ons that force the browser to use encryption on popular websites that usually aren’t encrypted. Look for https in the URL to know a site is encrypted.

Are you the league commissioner? XposURe LLC ( and get the training you need to keep your DOAs (digital online attributes) and the DOAs of your fellow fantasy football patrons safe from hackers.

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