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Anyone have a "Ring" camera or product??

Of course, like me; must of us do, as home security has certainly become a major factor in our lives! If you are not aware, Ring was just hacked and and the hackers are threatening to release the data publicly. These hackers are also holding the data and their systems under a "ransomware" attack.

At this point, Ring has not disclosed what data has been subject to breach but we can assume any and all of your data. Name, Address, email, phone umber, password, videos and images from your devices, and and all security password and data, credit card information/payment information.


More information can be researched here: Link

What can you do???

* Immediately put a credit freeze and/or Fraud alert on your name/information. (Guide is attached)

* Stop using the same email address for everything. Once that email address is compromised all associated accounts are also compromised. This creates more work for the user but significantly increases the safety of your data and accounts.

Reach out to us if we can assist!

XposURe Credit Freeze Guide
Download PDF • 616KB

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