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2023 Presents a "New" Way of Addressing Internet Security Risk-But It's Nothing New to XposURe LLC

Leading internet security firms are reexamining the concept and importance of internet identity:

"As threat actors’ tactics evolve, enterprises must drive new types of controls that help them confirm individuals’ digital identities."

"The use of identity for continuous risk management and verification is well established in fraud management within financial services. But what’s new is the maturity of machine learning algorithms, which enable enterprises to apply identity in a near real-time model."

Since our inception XposURe LLC has long held that the best defense against fraud, cybercrimes and cyber bad actors in general, has been to greatly limit the user's digital footprint and protect the user's Distinctive Online Attributes (DOAs).

As we roll into 2023, the team at XposURe LLC will be posting helpful and free strategies designed to assist the average user to protect their personal information from being collected and exposed by a cyber bad actor. These are techniques which have been tested, not only rigorously but also on a constant basis to keep up with the ever-changing threat environment. Unfortunately, the law on average, is at least ten years behind the tech curve, therefore relying on the government; either federal, state, or local, to protect you and/or your information is simply not a viable approach. Rather, recognizing that you are your own best advocate in this arena will greatly increase your chances of not becoming a victim. Furthermore, we should all recognize, that victimization can take many shapes; is it your wealth/assets, your basic privacy, freedom from unwanted adds?-or are you concerned about the hundreds of images you posted of your children playing with the new toys they received over the holidays falling into the wrong hands and being traded and/or sold on the dark web by those who seek to expose our children? Whatever the reason, stay tuned and contact the team at XposURe LLC for helpful security and privacy techniques developed by the experts and let us help you become the proficient advocate that your family deserves.

Happy New Year Everyone-let's work together to make it private and safe for the sake of our loved ones!!!

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