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“Private” Healthcare?

A recent survey from the American Medical Association (AMA) of over 1,000 patients reveals some interesting statistics as they relate to privacy and personal healthcare data.

The AMA is calling on Congress and the Biden administration to act in providing protection related to critical personal health data. The AMA has outlined a privacy framework in an attempt to place personal information control into the hands of the patient to further preserve patient trust.

According to the survey, 75% of patients want notification prior to a company’s use of their data while 80% want an “opt out” of sharing option. A staggering 94% of those surveyed agree that companies who collect, store, analyze or use health data should be held accountable by law.

This topic also addresses the issue of health equity and your private information. The survey found that over 50% of surveyed patients stated they are very or extremely concerned about negative repercussions related to insurance coverage, employment or opportunities for health care resulting from access to their health data.

Remember to always research the privacy policies of your browser, search engine and applications. The less information you provide for sharing and sales could assist in avoiding potential insurance increases and future opportunities based upon perceived patterns of life established from this data.

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