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Have you ever questioned your internet privacy or cybersecurity?

Have you ever questioned your internet privacy or cybersecurity? You may think that this doesn’t apply to you, or that it is too complicated to understand. While both may in fact be true, there are many methods and tactics that can be employed to help you in your quest to keep your personal information as private as possible. One of these methods and tactics is as simple as disabling your WiFi before your leave your home or any other trusted network.

WiFi is wireless networking, allowing devices such as your smart phone or tablet to access the internet without a wired connection. Anytime you access the internet, your device gives out small bits of information allowing companies to track activity unique to your internet browsing. Some of the information includes your location, browsing history, and recent online purchases. By simply disabling your WiFi, you have taken a proactive step in protecting your digital online attributes (DOAs).

For more information on how WiFi works, I have attached a couple sites that have good and easy to understand explanations. Link, Link

Lets start a new habit!

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