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Are the sensitive documents you email safe? Hint: NO!

With Tax season looming and the increase need to send sensitive documents over email its time to start securing your emails with an easy encryption method.

Almost all popular messaging apps such as Signal and WhatsApp use P2P encryption. and yet few of us consider seeking out an encrypted email service. Instead, we seem content to deal with the spam and the phishing attacks, relying on our wits and good sense to filter out the dangers.

Depending on who your email service provider is, you should be able to encrypt emails yourself. To achieve this, however, both you and your recipient need to enable S/MIME email encryption settings, so it’s not viable in every instance.

Gmail encryption instructions: Link here

Officer 365/Outlook Accounts: Link here

Lastly, you could use a third-party encryption tool. For instance, Mailvelope has a browser extension that’s compatible with Firefox, Chrome, and Safari. This will give you end-to-end encryption on Gmail, Outlook, and Yahoo Mail. It’s simple, open-source, and free. Mailvelope also offers a step by step guide on how to set this up. Both parties need to enable the extension in-order to send encrypted emails.

discussing the benefits and methods on email encrypting

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