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Young People Don’t Care if TikTok and other apps are Collecting Data

A recent Australian study directed specifically at young people found that both teenagers and tweens had little to no concern about social media companies collecting “vast amounts” of information from its user base and by doing so they can “target us with ads and monetize our attention.” “Everyone at the moment has access to everything,” one person said. Another said they didn’t “have much to hide from the Chinese government.”

“On June 17, BuzzFeed published a report based on 80 leaked internal TikTok meetings which seemed to confirm access to US TikTok data by Chinese actors. The report refers to multiple examples of data access by TikTok’s parent company ByteDance, which is based in China.”

There is an old saying which I will paraphrase, “it’s a shame we are not born with gray hair,” essentially suggesting that it would be great if we knew what we know now as adults when we were younger so as not make as many mistakes (hopefully). As educated and advanced as the current younger generation is or can be, they do not know everything and they may not be readily aware of what can be hurtful to them, especially when it comes to social media and their distinctive online attributes (DOA). This is where XposURe LLC comes in, our company was created and is operated by law enforcement professionals who are also parents. It is and always will be our job to protect our children from what they don’t know can hurt them. XposURe LLC has trainings specifically geared toward young people and their parents to attend together so we can all be on the same page and protect our loved ones.

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