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Who owns a Honda?

Does anyone own a Honda Civic model: LX, EX, EX-L, Touring, Si and Type R? You might want to know that your key fob is vulnerable to attackers. According to "CVE-2022-27254" (Github code with videos), all a hacker would need to do is be nearby when a car owner uses their key fob and record the signal it transmits. Once recorded, it could be used to open the car or start it.

Cerberus Sentinel’s Chris Clements said “It’s similar to yelling your password across a room and hoping no one happens to be listening. Yes, someone has to be close enough to hear and then know what to do with it, but after that it’s very simple to exploit."

He also went on to say “As more and more devices add ‘smart’ functions, it’s inevitable that there will be vulnerabilities discovered that put those devices or data at risk. If there’s no patch available or worse not even a mechanism to patch, users will have to choose whether to go at risk of exploitation or trash the vulnerable device, neither of which is an ideal situation.”

Link to the full article can be found here: Link

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