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To our friends at The Greater Plymouth Community Center!

Greetings everyone!

First let me say thank you for taking the time to take our class! From the entire XposUre Team, we had a great time and look forward to offering additional classes!

To follow up, we have attached some of our free guides we discussed in class!

Credit Freeze and Fraud Alert Guide:

XposURe Credit Freeze Guide
Download PDF • 616KB

Google alerts and advanced Google searching:

XposURe Google Alerts
Download PDF • 714KB

Proton Mail set up Guide:

XposURe Proton Mail
Download PDF • 824KB

We are also in the final stages of our complete Facebook privacy guide, we just need a few more days to make sure we capture all available options and to make sure things are current!

Again, special thanks to The Greater Plymouth Community Center and all those who signed up and took our class.

Please reach out through the website and/or Tom or me via email:

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