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'Tis the be Victimized

According to recent survey by Deloitte Insight consumers plan to spend more time shopping in brick-and-mortar stores this year, since the beginning of the pandemic. What possible impact could this have on the security of your information you ask...the answer coincides with scams that have been around for over two decades and the bad actors behind such scams have spent that time honing their craft. Specifically, we are referring to stealing credit card information, with criminal tactics ranging from using Bluetooth enabled devices to the old-fashioned method of paying-off retail personnel or simply looking over your shoulder when you make a purchase. This information finds its way to the Dark Web and is bought and traded among the cyber-criminal community.

How do you protect yourself? You learn and employ the methods, practices and lifestyle choices which XposURe LLC has developed, tested and proven to be the most practical and the most likely to protect your information. Stopping a bad actor from stealing your credit card information from a brick-and-mortar store will likely depend upon the scam in place and that store's ability to protect against it, however cyber criminals typically need some of your personal information in addition to the numbers on your card, such as: your date of birth; or the last four digits of your Social Security Number; or the zip code for the billing address associated with the card. It's this information the team at XposURe LLC seeks to protect, and the techniques employed and taught by XposURe LLC will protect from getting in the wrong hands. Contact XposURe LLC and find out which approach best fits your needs.

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