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Threema vs Signal Which is right for you?

The experts at XposURe LLC often expresses the need for users to obtain a bona fide encrypted instant messaging service, in an effort to maintain an acceptable level of privacy in your personal communications. Two popular options are Signal and Threema, which begs the question, “which one do I use?” According to experts, both applications provide a good user experience. Therefore, while it depends on what feature you give the most priority, here are some key points to help you select which would be right for you:

· Threema is a premium application which charges a one-time fee of approximately $3.99 from both the Google Play Store and the App Store. No additional fees apply.

· Signal is completely free and considering that it does not offer a different version for work/teams, strongly suggests that it is tailored for personal use

o Most users prefer a free messaging app because their friends/colleagues can easily install it and get connected.

· “The key highlight of Threema is that it does not require your phone number for registration, and it generates a user ID that you can share instead. Threema asks you to link the phone number, but you can choose not to.”

· Signal requires you to provide your phone number to create an account, and you need to share your phone number with the recipients to communicate. o A phone number is an important piece of information making it convenient to have a phone number linked for your contacts to easily find you.

· Threema provides a decentralized network, suggesting that “it cannot be easily shut down or affected by enforcing censorship.”

· Signal, however, depends on a centralized server technology, creating “a single point of failure; if the server gets impacted, the entire network goes down.”

· Experts also reported that both Signal and Threema come out on top for their security features.

· “You get end-to-end encryption on both of them along with essential privacy features like screen security, encrypted files, incognito keyboard, passphrase to secure the app, and minimal metadata.” “

Overall, it appears that both offer the latest and greatest security features, therefore the decision will boil down to the individual user and what they “need” but one thing is for certain-if you are serious about maintaining your privacy, one of these applications should be used in conjunction with the techniques developed by the team at XposURe LLC. Check the website for services, upcoming training seminars and events.

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