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Quick Thoughts from our TEAM

Throughout the last month there has been an increase in the conversation regarding personal privacy online, specifically the protection of personal data. This topic, while not at the forefront of the major news cycles, has been mentioned countless times embedded within the “bigger stories.” For example, an article featured in the Washington Post exposed an individual who was behind a popular Twitter page, leading to some details of this individual being uncovered and published. Recently, there have been demonstrations occurring directly outside the private homes of some Supreme Court Justices in response to a “leaked draft” of a future decision and opinion. Lastly, the importance of online privacy has garnered the attention of State Legislators in Connecticut as well.

The aforementioned instances highlight the uncomfortable truth that personal data/information such as addresses and phone numbers are easily attainable and available to anyone with an internet connection, free of charge.

Use the situations mentioned above as a wake-up-call to start implementing privacy techniques in your life.

Stay safe, stay smart, stay private,


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