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Listen...Echo has a secret

According to an April 7th, 2022 article, "In 2017, the United States was by far the largest consumer of Smart Speakers, accounting for 73% of overall sales." The same article stated that "around 14% of Americans who own smart speakers are “very concerned” about how much personal data their smart speakers collect, while 40% are “somewhat concerned,” 36% “not too” and 10% are “not at all concerned.”

Conversely, by 2025, approximately 130 million Amazon Echo speakers are projected to be shipped worldwide. Were you aware that the Amazon Echo voice records and stores your interactions? If you are concerned, simply take the below steps to take control of your data and delete your recordings.

Open your Alexa App Go to “settings” Go to “Alexa Privacy” Proceed to “Review voice history” Display “all history” to delete all of your voice recordings. Select “delete all of my recordings” You can also enable the option to delete recordings by saying

"Alexa, delete what I just said" or "Alexa, delete everything I said today." To accomplish this, Go to “Alexa Privacy” Select “Manage your Alexa data” Under “Voice Recordings” Enable the “Deletion by voice” feature Here you can also choose how long to save recordings and select “Don’t save recordings” Article sourced:

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