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How Many email addresses do you have?

Our email addresses has become central to life in the digital online world. From Booking flights, hotels and vacations, buying goods, using social networks, getting bank, saving and investment statements, and job applications are just a few of the services that need an email address. Try naming any service that does not require an email or account....?

Did you know that 51% of people have held the same email address for over ten years and according to DMA email users will often keep a core account, 51% have accounts that have been in use for at least 10 years. Of brand emails received, 63% are deleted immediately, and 75% of emails are deleted within 24 hours of their delivery.

Consumers are clear about their preferences:

78% wanted ‘interesting’ subject lines

48% wanted images, up from 28% last year

47% said they wanted emails from a person, not a company, up from 24% last year

41% want emails to be mobile-ready, up from 19% last year

With that said, why not make a email just for coupons and stores and another for travel and vacations. Below are a few of the free encrypted email services you can use for just that:

A few notable providers of email encryption service include:

• ProtonMail: This service allows you to choose from both free and paid plans depending on the number of encrypted messages you plan to send. With ProtonMail, you can enable PGP encryption to protect sensitive data.

o Available for Android, Apple

• Ciphermail: This is a completely free

service that supports encryption through PDF, TLS, OpenPGP, and S/Mime protocols.

o Available for Android

• Virtru: Compatible with Outlook, Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo, and a few other email providers, this service allows for end-to-end encryption.

o Available for Chrome, G Suite

• Enlocked: This service allows users to receive and send out encrypted emails using PGP protocol for Gmail, Microsoft, Outlook, and Microsoft.

o Available for Chrome

You can also download a PDF File with a custom XposURe LLC card for your wallet which you can keep in your wallet and when your shopping at Bed Bath and Beyond next weekend and the cashier says: "What is your email, are you a rewards member?"

You can now feel secure in providing an email specifically designed for your purpose without giving out personal information to be sold for profit!

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