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Hackers Use “Google Ads” to Dispense Royal Ransomware

The Microsoft Security Threat Intelligence Group recently reported that hackers have attacked unsuspecting users by delivering “Royal Ransomware,” disguised as software installers for legitimate apps such as Adobe Flash Player, AnyDesk, LogMein, Microsoft Teams, and Zoom. Royal Ransomware targets the Windows operating system and can “enumerate and encrypt files on both the host system and on local network shares.” In today’s work environment of remote working positions, many for major corporations, hackers who are focusing on apps such as Microsoft Teams, and Zoom, create a very target rich environment with a huge number of potential victims. The increased likelihood for stolen personal identifying information, sometimes referred to as distinctive online attributes (DOAs), is concerning and has the potential to open the floodgates for fraud and other cybercrimes. Stay informed, stay protected and learn the techniques created by XposURe LLC necessary to maintain online privacy and security for you and your family.

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