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Generation Z...their Digital Footprint and the Professional World.

Generation Z has grown up with social media and a lifestyle which is strongly rooted in the online environment. However, according to a recent study, Generation Z, which has been dubbed our "most online" generation, is coming into a harsh truth-their digital footprint is very real and it's becoming a problem.

“Me realizing the digital footprint is real because when called for a job interview, they loved me but when they did a background check they said they didn’t want to hire me anymore." A TikTok user published the loss of a job prosect due to what the potential employer saw in a post online.

Older generations have been constantly reminded that their online activities may be traceable, and the negative repercussions that an "unprofessional" online persona could have on job prospects, promotions and how they are generally viewed by the rest of the professional world. Gen Z on the other hand, was born into the social media age and had their online presence created long before they were old enough to truly understand the potential consequences of their online activities.

XposURe LLC, has been discussing this since the company's inception and understands the reality of both vantage points, the potential professional employer and the Gen Z user/jobseeker. As a result, we have created a practical curriculum which can be, and has been, taught at schools or addressed with a single client through the development of a customized solution.

Our solution for the Gen Z professional job seeker is both tangible and practical...just reach out and discuss the options with the team at XposURe LLC.

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