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Connecticut Joins Four Other States to Enact Comprehensive Consumer Privacy Law

As the federal government thus far has made no forward progress to enact a federal law protecting consumer’s online privacy, which experts report would give the consumer “more control and security over their sensitive personal information,” states are creating their own legislation in an effort to protect personal information online or “sensitive data.” Notably, the new CT law defines sensitive data as: “(1) data revealing racial or ethnic origin, religious beliefs, mental or physical health condition or diagnosis, sex life, sexual orientation, or citizenship or immigration status; (2) the processing of genetic or biometric data for the purpose of uniquely identifying an individual; (3) personal data collected from a known child; or (4) precise geolocation data.” Now ask the question-what if I do not reside in one of the five states (CA, VA, CO, UT, and CT) who have enacted online privacy legislation?-who protects me?-the answer remains the same-YOU protect YOU-you must be your own security and to be successful you need the proper education/training-so contact the experts at XposURe LLC ( and sign up for training or request a consultation for services.

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