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70% of fraud transactions come from mobile devices...

RSA data shows that 70% of fraud transactions come from mobile devices.

According to McAfee Labs, your mobile device is now subject to more than 1.5 million new incidents of mobile Malware. Here are some quick tips for mobile device security:

* Create a Difficult Mobile Password – Not Your Birthdates, children's names, initials or other items that contain your Digital Online Attributes (See Password Manager Post here)

* Install Apps from Trusted Sources - Apple Store and/or Google Play store

* Keep Your Device Updated – Hackers Use Vulnerabilities in Unpatched Older Operating Systems

* Avoid sending Digital Online Attributes (DOA) or sensitive information over text message or email.

* Leverage Find my iPhone or the Android Device Manager to prevent loss or theft (free tools included with your phones.

* Perform regular mobile backups using iCloud or Enabling Backup & Sync from Android devices

Read more about tips and hints here: Link

Reach out for more tips and tricks to stay safe!

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