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Guddu Ki Gun Movie Download In Hindi Full Hd valegerv




Forced to live with his elderly relatives and taking on all the responsibilities of running the house, he decides to hire an assistant to look after his customers, his girlfriend and himself, hoping to get money for his old teacher and pay his bills. It is also crucial for his plan to win over his girlfriend's grandfather, who is the house owner. Cast Ravi Kishan as Guddu Nandini Singh as Nandini R. M. Vij as R. M. Vij Rakhi Sawant as Rakhi Sayaji Shinde as Manmohan Siddique as Moti Manu Rachav as Manu Deshpande as Grandmother Kher as Grandfather Music "Bajirao Mastani" is the title track of the movie. The first single was released on 11 January 2015. Other songs of the movie are "Ishq Dekhe, Na Dharke" with Siddique, Sayaji Shinde and Rakhi Sawant; "Kya Mile Me" with Nandini Singh; "Muzukat" with Sayaji Shinde, Deshpande and Manu Rachav; and "Naina Jaana" with Siddique and Sayaji Shinde. Track listing Reception The movie had a mediocre performance at the box office. It opened in the year 2015 with only about 8 to 10% share in the market. It continued to face box office failure throughout its release. References External links Category:2015 films Category:Indian films Category:2010s Hindi-language films Category:Films featuring an item number Category:Films scored by Amit Trivedi Category:Hindi remakes of Telugu films) * * Creates a new simple text input field and displays it in a dialog box. * This method doesn't add it to the window manager, so don't use it as a * front-end for a modal dialog. The returned value must be used as the * value of the nativeWindow argument to * the createWindow method of a Dialog object. * @return null * @since 1.4 * @see #createWindow * @see Dialog



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Guddu Ki Gun Movie Download In Hindi Full Hd valegerv

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